Your Wedding Dress Will (Probably) Never See the Light of Day Again

Don’t get us wrong, wedding dresses are something to be cherished. We believe that the gown you choose to wear on your wedding day is sacred. Your dress will be forever documented in your wedding day photos and will act as a marker in time when you married the love of your life.

But unless you want to bet on your future daughter wanting to wearing your dress one day, odds are it will never be worn again. When you think about how much contemplation and money go into it, doesn’t it kind of seem like a waste? Alternatively, we think you should get the most out of your dress before your wedding is through.

Get Outside (and Great Photos, Too)

In our opinion here at Colagrossi & Co., we believe the best way to make the most out of your dress is to venture out with your partner and photographers and break your dress out in beautiful ol’ mother nature.

Eloping is obviously a great way to do this. When you elope, you get to travel to your dream destination and have an intimate, unique experience with your partner. Not to mention, you’ll save loads of money, and you’ll get some breathtaking, unforgettable pictures too.

If you’re curious about whether eloping is right for you, check out this article we wrote about the benefits of eloping and why you should consider. We also came up with some great elopement destinations if you’re wondering where you should consider. Even more, we have a bucket list with special pricing if you decide to elope in any of those locations.

Receive a Hand-Crafted, Curated Experience Just For You

If eloping isn’t your thing though, no sweat. You can also organize with your lovely photogs (heyyo!) to travel out to an awesome destination the day after your wedding for a special photo shoot with just the two of you. We have so many couples asking us for this that we actually created a package just for this! We’ll work directly with you by location scouting & planning to create a one of a kind, organic experience you’ll never forget. Just give us a holler for more info.

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